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Silkie Chickens

LennyTheSilkieFUN FACTS: Silkie chickens are an ancient Chinese breed of chicken. They have fluffy feathers, blue ear lobes, black skin, and an extra toe on each foot. Silkies are calm and gentle birds, and make great pets. This is Lenny, a silkie that visited us today. Check out her blue beak!

Bumblefoot in Chickens

GoldLacedWyandottePododermatitis in a ChickenChickens, especially heavy-bodied ones, are prone to developing foot infections called “bumblefoot” or pododermatitis. Bumblefoot can occur when birds stand all day on hard surfaces under less-than-clean circumstances.

Meet Goldie. She is a lovely Gold-Laced Wyandotte who has developed a limp. When we looked at the bottom of her feet we found thick scabs on both sides. Underneath the scabs were infected plugs of thick pus.

Wyandottes are heavy chickens are therefore prone to bumblefoot. Goldie also had been roosting on round perches much too small for her feet, which added to the problem.

Bumblefoot can usually be cured, but the process can take a while. In Goldie’s case, it required 6 weeks of antibiotics, foot surgery, and changing the perches in her henhouse. She has now recovered fully, and is a healthy and happy chicken with beautiful feet!